Todd Agnew concert cancelled in lieu of worship service

I took Celena to a Todd Agnew concert last night at Rudd Auditorium on the campus of Bryan College.  I suppose I have been to fifty concerts in my life, from AC/DC when I was without Christ to Twila Paris when I was in Christ.  I mention Twila Paris because her concert at First Baptist Chattanooga was an evening of worship, celebrating God, not Twila’s vocal talents.  Last night’s experience with Todd Agnew resembled that evening.  I very much appreciated Todd’s God-centered songs and comments about Christ, and our desperate need of a Good Shepherd.  It was clear that Todd was not full of himself.  Perhaps that attitude enabled him to write one of his well-known songs In the Middle of Me.  I’ve included the You Tube link below for your edification.  It will surely remind you of John the Baptist’s comment, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (Jn. 3:30).  In other words, John preferred that people make much more of Jesus than himself.  Shouldn’t that be our desire as well?  If people see our “light,” our good works, and God is glorified, we should be satisfied (Mt. 5:16).  Todd wasn’t interested in receiving applause last night.  That was refreshing.  A question I need to ask myself is:  Am I seeking the applause of men, or would I rather hear others glorifying God? 

It’s a question we should all ask ourselves.

Here’s the link to the song:


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