Julia Roberts and the evil airbrush

The gall!  Just take a look at this horrific advertisement:

Repulsive, isn’t it?!  You want to see something worse–do a Google Image search for my mug!  Not a pretty picture!  I’ll take all the airbrush they’ll give me.  I HEARD THAT AMEN!

We make a big deal about small issues, don’t we?!

Yet–it might not be such a simple issue, after all.  Having just finished teaching a course on Business Ethics, I was reminded that false advertisement falls into the category of being unethical.  The funny thing is that Julia Roberts, like my wife, has no need of her pictures being “photoshopped.”  God made her naturally beautiful, and a little bit of make-up only enhances what is already in place.  However, when a company actually alters the face with the goal of making a statement regarding the effectiveness of their product, the world should indeed holler, “Foul!” 

Sadly, most unethical business practices go unnoticed.  The few violations we find are simply “the tip of the iceberg.”  It is scary to contemplate just how dishonest American corporations have become.  I suppose that’s one of the reasons many of us still prefer the “Mom and Pop” small businesses that–thankfully–are not yet extinct in our land.  Several such enterprises can be found here in my hometown of Dayton, TN.  I am looking at one right now–Bradley Tire & Supply Company.  I bought two tires for my truck there a few weeks ago.  The owner is putting tires inside the shop right now.  Not a single one has been airbrushed.  Just down the road from Bradley Tire is NCITE, a computer store (sales and service; business services, etc.) owned by a very close friend.  It’s a small company but an honest one.  Trust me–that’s not always the case in our “post-Christian” nation (President Obama was correct in his assessment of the waning influence of the Christian faith in the United States). 

The British have been up-in-arms about a dishonest ad featuring a famous actress.  Maybe we should be a little more up-in-arms ourselves when the product doesn’t match the promise.  Just a thought.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

PS–In other news, the world’s largest albino catfish was caught by Chris Grimmer near Barcelona, Spain.  The eight foot beast weighed some 194 lbs.  In light of the content of the blog entry above, I feel it only fitting to include the non-airbrushed photo here:


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