Trying to keep perspective in a pile of laundry

The laundry pile is overwhelming–even after I just spent the last thirty minutes folding and putting clothes away.  I’ve already swept the house and prepared the mop.  I cleared the table after dinner so that TJ could hit the sack early (he’s fighting a sinus infection) and Celena could work on homework (she’s fighting 6th grade math).  It’s been a long day, filled with unexpected news–both pleasant and unpleasant.  I’ll share the pleasant news in a few days.  It’s really good news.  The unpleasant news was related to the death of a Bryan student last night (I teach for Bryan in the Adult and Graduate Studies School [degree-completion program]).  Her name was Meaghan.  She was a twenty-year-old commuter student from Chattanooga.  Such news doesn’t make the mound of laundry generated from four relatively healthy children seem so bad after all.  The boys are both a bit “under-the-weather,” and their room continues to resemble a war zone.  But I can hug them in the morning–Deo volenti.  That’s Latin for “God-willing.”  Should God will it so, I  will love on my sons and they will love on me.  That’s a gift for which I should be thankful.  As I slave away on a night like tonight, I am reminded of a short video clip I watched this morning with the upper grades at the academy (7th-high school).  It’s from Francis Chan.  I’ll include the link below.  I hope you find it encouraging.  And–if you wouldn’t mind–ask the Lord’s blessing upon Meaghan’s family.  Thanks.


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