Oh, yes, He could have–Oh, yes, He did

Last night I finished teaching Gospels to a group in Dalton, GA.  It was presentation night.  The first group performed a skit.  The setting was a coffee shop.  Their discussion focused around the material covered in part two of Lee Stroebel’s book The Case for Christ.  One of the students (in the role-playing scenario) made two statements about Jesus:

“He couldn’t have just said, ‘Hey, everybody, I’m God!'”

When He came…”It wasn’t to say, ‘Look at Me!'”

My response would have been:

“Oh, yes, He could have!”

“Oh, yes, He did!”

As the class concluded (and, thus, the course), I challenged the students with these words:

Be anything but indecisive about Jesus.

Consider Him crazy.  Consider Him deceptive.  Consider Him to be the God-man.  Then–respond appropriately.

Without a doubt, Jesus deserves a response.  If He was crazy or deceptive, He should be dismissed.  However–if He truly was the God-man–His words and His works demand our attention.  You know what I believe.  That’s why I rejoice that Bryan College requires this particular class for the students completing their degrees.  I love to talk about the Gospels.  More importantly, I enjoy discussing the Main Character of the Gospels–Jesus Christ.  It is my hope that my passion for Christ was evident to my students.  This class is much more than an intellectual exercise for me.  It is devotional.  In other words, my faith grows every time I get the opportunity to teach the material.  And–it never gets old.  I continue to see new things as I meditate upon the person and work of Christ.  Jesus is not boring.  Those who knew Him or those who saw Him in action were not ambivalent.  Most responded with strong emotion, either loving Him or hating Him.  Everyone found Him interesting.  God had come in the flesh.  He said so (John 8:58).  He repeatedly stated, “Look at Me” (John 3:14,15)!

That’s my plan as September begins–to look at Christ.  August has passed.  Cooler weather is “just around the corner.”  Football season is about to start.  I love September!  But I love Jesus more!  As I continue to study His Word in the mornings, I look forward to learning more and more about Him with the goal that He is most glorified in me as I am more satisfied in Him.

Have a great month!


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