Whew–They finally arrived

Saturday was a marathon day of cleaning the house in preparation for special guests.  A dear friend from Las Vegas arrived with his family.  They will be visiting with us for several days before traveling to see family in northeast Tennessee.  Scott and I forged our relationship while I served as a pastor in Nevada.  I distinctly recall the first time I met Scott.  His red hair was wild.  His beard was massive.  His ears were pierced.  His arms were tattooed (please don’t take any of that description as a condemnation).  At our church, he seemed very out-of-place.  However, he was hungry, starving, for spiritual food.  He wanted meat rather than milk (theology instead of light and fluffy messages loosely based upon the Bible).  It was amazing to watch Scott grow and mature.  His arrival yesterday with his wife and children was a beautiful picture of God’s saving and sanctifying grace.  God grabbed Scott, transformed him, and has stuck with him.  And Scott has not let go!  His faithfulness to his faithful God has encouraged me greatly! 

This morning Scott and I went to church together while the wives and children got some much-needed rest.  I led our Sunday School class in an introduction to Romans 9-11 (I’ll begin working through the passage next week).  After church, we went out for lunch before heading back to Dayton.  It was a nice time. 

Preparing for his visit was tiring, though.  We had a check list on Saturday and feverishly worked to check things “completed.”  It felt as if we never cleaned the place!  (Who has time for dusting?)  The place was as ready as we could get it for our V.I.P.’s.  Now we’re going to spend a few days relaxing (which, when translated means, “adults not doing very much while the kids mess what had previously been cleaned”).

I hope you had a great Lord’s Day morning, and that you have a wonderful holiday!


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