The Packers and Packing

Did you see the game?!  Did ya?  Did ya?

The Packers began their season with a big win against a very good team!

Green Bay 42,  New Orleans 35

ESPN writer, Gene Wojciechowski stated:

“The Packers scored so often and so easily, they nearly broke a 92-year-old team record for most points in a season opener. The only Packer not to do the Lambeau Leap was Vince Lombardi’s statue. Otherwise, it looked like a high-jump competition.”

Indeed!  It was fun to watch.  I’m excited about the rest of the season (though I hope we can improve our pass defense just a tad)!

I love fall!  I love cooler weather.  I love the trees changing colors.  I love the Pack.  But I also love something you may not have heard of before–AWANA. 

AWANA is a non-denominational ministry, typically held in local churches on Wednesday nights.  Children are challenged to believe and live the Word of God.  They are also encouraged to memorize Scripture, and they are given rewards if they do so.  Several years ago, someone asked me if I was planning to “brainwash my kids.”  My response was something like this:  “If by ‘brainwashing’ you mean teaching my children the Word of God, then, yes.”  Years later, after watching Jodi and I live out the Bible (consistently, not perfectly), his opposition softened.  Either way, however, my plan remained firm.  As much as I would love my kids to join me in my mild obsession with the Green Bay Packers, it is far more important to me that they know and love the truth–particularly as it is presented in the Bible.  That’s why I so appreciate AWANA on Wednesdays and Sunday School on the Lord’s Day. 

I close with three cheers on this Friday:

“Go, Pack, Go!”

“Go, AWANA, Go!”

“Go, kids, Go!”

PS-The Green Bay Packers art above was presented to me last night by my daughter, Celena!

Here’s a link to the complete  Wojciechowski article on ESPN:

Here’s a link to AWANA Clubs:


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