Things I Love

I am hesitant to share another list with you.  However, a list does indeed come to my mind when I contemplate my loves. 

I love God.  I love Jodi.  I love my children.  I love my family and friends.  I love God’s Word.  I love God’s world. 

I do love God’s world–especially Fall in Tennessee.  The trees are changing before my eyes.  Our state–normally covered in rolling green hills–is turning into a tapestry of rich earth tones.  Fall is signifcant for me.  The weather finally begins to cool down.  Football teams have worked out their opening week jitters and the good teams begin to separate themselves from the pack (like the 5-0 PACK).  Fall Break arrives.  The Reformation and Celena’s birthday will be celebrated.  The holidays can be seen in the distant future.  It’s a season worth enjoying!

But more than enjoying God’s world, I rejoice in God’s Word.  Monday night I taught a class in Chattanooga and discussed the topics of studying the Bible and preaching.  I love both!  I suppose that’s why I teach Sunday School and why I recently agreed to preach the last two Sundays of this month.  I have already begun my preparations.  This coming week in Sunday School, I’ll continue teaching Romans, chapter 10.  In the second half of Romans 10, the Apostle Paul teaches about the indispensible role of preaching the Word of Christ.  Salvation is only realized when individuals call upon the name of the Lord Jesus (10:13), and the name of the Lord Jesus is only heard through the vehicle of preaching and teaching (10:14,15). 

Monday night I stated and shattered (OK–that’s a bit over-stated) two myths related to Bible study. 

Myth #1–The Bible is so difficult to understand that only highly skilled theologians with technical training can deal with the Scriptures.

The Roman Catholic Church of the Middle Ages believed exactly that.  Average Christians like myself (the people in the pew) did not possess a copy of the Scriptures.  Most of us could not read.  The majority of us who could read could not read the official language of the academy and the church–Latin.  It was a Dark Age.  It was amazing, however, what transpired when Christians throughout Europe held in their hands a translation they could understand.  Lives and nations were transformed!  That continues to happen in our day when believers read and study God’s Word!

Myth #2–The Bible is boring.

This isn’t even close to reality.  Anyone who makes such a statement hasn’t spent any time within the pages of God’s Word.  Sixty-six books by some twenty authors covering the creation of the world to the destruction of that very same world in the future!  It is filled with amazing stories of weak individuals encountering a strong God who reveals Himself in three persons–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I have been a Christian for twenty-five years.  The Bible has yet to bore me.  It never will.  The more I read and study it, the more I learn about God and about so many other subjects! 

In closing, let me invite you to enjoy this beautiful time of the year.  More importantly, enjoy God’s Word!  Spend time in the Bible regularly, if not daily.  The reward is well worth the effort. 

Tonight, I thank God that I can understand the Bible and that the Bible is not boring!


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