A Controversial Championship

Final Results for our 2011 Fall Break Family Game Tournament:

10 Jodi–8 Tim–5 Celena–4 TJ–3 Dayton–1 Cascade

Mommy earned another championship tonight with a very controversial win at Jenga.  As she placed a wooden block/plank on top, the tower acted as if it were going to topple to the right.  HOWEVER, the player did not remove her hand from the piece BUT steadied the tower as she eased the piece to the left.  Three plays later my move caused the tower to tumble, thus giving Jodi another family game tournament win.  As expected, she denies any wrongdoing.  I know better and plan to mention her antics Tuesday night as I begin teaching another Ethics class for Bryan! 

Second quarter at RCA began this morning.  We are praising God for a great first quarter.  We are also  excited about how the Lord is providing for our new school building on Delaware Avenue here in Dayton!  Please pray for RCA as we continue to partnership with parents in the education of their children and as we raise money for the new property and make plans to remodel the facility and move.  Thanks!


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