Wednesday Worship

Today finds me in the mood to worship, desiring to give God glory for all of His gifts.  Several items come to mind as I write that sentence.

Our house–As I sipped my coffee early this morning, I found myself thanking God for the house He provided for my family.  The house is nice and the perfect size for our four children.  Truly, I do not deserve such an abode.

God’s Word–I led our 7th and 8th grade students in devotions this morning, meditating further upon 1 John.  Today we camped on one small but very meaningful verse:  “We love because He first loved us” (4:19).  The we beginning this verse refers to those who love God and love their brothers and sisters in the faith.  The we were incapable of loving God and others with the self-sacrificing love desribed and illustrated in the Word of God prior to God taking the initiative in love.  In other words, God-haters are first loved by God before they become God-lovers.  I informed the students that understanding this concept will enable them to grasp salvation according to the Bible. 

My wife–I enjoyed having lunch with Jodi today as we monitored students at RCA.  After twenty-two years, she remains my best friend.  Her beauty–inside and out–becomes more beautiful with each passing year!

My “Love Bug”–This morning Dayton said it again:  “I love you, Daddy.”  He then proceeded to kiss my belly.  It is good to know that I am loved by one of my kids! 

Fall in Tennessee–As I was driving today, I was thanking God for the amazing tapestry of trees on the hills surrounding our city.  This week is probably the last week to enjoy the transition.  Wish you were here!

Veggie Tales and Cascade–Today my baby girl watched a Veggie Tales video as I worked.  She was totally into the experience, laughing and interacting.  It was hilarious.  Her happiness made me happy.

I’ll stop there.  God has not treated me as my sins deserve.  I think we could all make that statement!  I have ample reason for which to worship.

Don’t you?


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