Anti-virus protection for the soul

I devoted several hours over the past week to help Celena prepare her new laptop for usage.  (Without the help of my brother-in-law, we would have given up!)  A dear friend gave Celena a slightly used netbook.  We needed to purchase an external DVD drive and Microsoft Office 2010 so that she could work on her power point presentations for school.  Yesterday, I installed the various security software so that she could be protected.  That was fun.  Not really.  But it was necessary. 

As I meditate upon all that is required to keep a computer safe from outside intruders, I wonder about the security measures that we have in place for our souls.  What are we doing to protect ourselves from the enemies seeking to destroy us spiritually?

Ever think about that?

I’m not sure what you have implemented in your life, but I can tell you of some of spiritual anti-virus I use.  Here’s my list:

  1. Personal devotions
  2. Public worship
  3. Peculiar choices 

Personal devotions–Nothing replaces my regular, early morning time with God in His Word and in prayer.  Nothing.  Without a doubt, this is my first line of defense.   I must stay with The Truth (Jesus) by continual time in the truth (Scripture).  Renewing my mind is essential if I am going to both know and do the will of God (Rom. 12:2).  Setting my mind on things above is not an option (Col. 3:2). 

Public worship–I am committed to both attending and utilizing my spiritual gifts in the context of the local church.  The accountability and encouragement is priceless.  Our time this morning with God’s people was energizing.  I was exhorted again to love what God loves and hate what God hates. 

Peculiar choices–We often find ourselves most vulnerable during the unscripted moments of our days.  What we choose to do with our “free-time” can either help or hinder our purity.  Indiscriminately flipping through the channels or navigating the internet without purpose is dangerous.  A little R&R is acceptable; too much is neither necessary nor wise.  If I am to avoid a spiritual virus, I must carefully weigh my entertainment options.  Life is too short and my spiritual life too important to waste time watching God-ignoring television dramas and sitcoms.

Is your spiritual anti-virus up-to-date?  Is it installed and working properly?  Think about it.  Don’t take a casual attitude when it comes  to the life of your soul. 

Have a great week!


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