My Confusing List

The top ten things today which confuse me (from least to the greatest):

10.  Watching Dancing with the Stars when you can do something worthwhile with your time (Why would we even care which “star” can dance better than another?!).

9.  Individuals who insist Lady Diana belongs on a list of the world’s most important people (I wonder who would make your top ten list). 

8.  The United States Government.

7.  In general—women (followed closely by the opposite sex).

6.  Professing Christians who repeatedly watch garbage on television (I once heard several people talking about their love for Desperate Housewives!). 

5.  Islamic leaders who attempt to distance themselves from the Quran’s (Koran) solution to unbelievers who refuse to convert (The solution–BTW–is Jihad).

4.  Christian leaders who attempt to make the offensive message of the Gospel less offensive (Jesus offended people.  His message is indeed narrow).

3.  My children (Can’t quite figure these beasts out).

2.  God (Understatement:  “My thoughts are not your thoughts…” [Is. 55:8]). 

1.  Me (I continually confuse myself!).

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I apologise for such a weird entry.  Sometimes a strange entry is better than no entry at all!  Hope all is well!


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