“All Creatures of Our God and King”

As we relaxed on Friday night, we watched the IMAX movie Beavers.  On my way home from Sam’s Club on Saturday, I saw a hawk rising from the ground with a rodent in its’ talons.  The kids were wrestling the other day in the living room as they watched a documentary with animation on dinosaurs.  The thought came to my mind again that God is the primary audience for so many amazing sights and sounds within the animal kingdom.  All of these amazing creatures–those extinct and those still in existence–were first and foremost created for His great glory.  Did you ever hear the sound beavers make?  It’s hilarious!  God has a sense of humor!  We can only see the evidence of the existence of the dinosaurs.  Jesus made each one uniquely.  He is creative!  The creatures of our God and King are remarkable.  But HE is even more remarkable!  That’s why the creaturely primarily exist for His glory.  HE deserves praise from creation.  HE deserves praise from me. 

A good reminder as we begin Thanksgiving week.

To aid you in your worship, here’s the You Tube link to the Dave Crowder version of the hymn:



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