God is not fair!

With Thanksgiving just days away, I am celebrating the fact that God is not fair.  Imagine if He were.  Consider the hypothetical situation of a neutral deity treating us as our sins deserve.  What if God treated all  people the same–those who love Him and those who hate Him?  What if God punished us after every sin we commit?  Scared yet?!  Thankfully, these horrid thoughts are not reality.  Rather than treating us “fairly,” God dispenses grace and mercy.  He forgives all those who come to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.  He patiently works with us as we walk with Him and as we battle our sin.  He does not treat us as our sins deserve–especially those who are in Christ and will experience eternal bliss in glory.

“That’s not fair.” 

 How many times have you heard that?  Paul heard it as he discussed the concept of God’s sovereignty  in salvation (Romans, chapter nine).  I hear it on a regular basis from students as well as some adults in my life.  Thinking God is completely fair in all His doings, they believe everything we do should translate to fairness in our doings.  But is that possible?  Although their premise is faulty, is their application?  Can we be “fair”?  Should we attempt to be “fair”?  In other words, are we under the obligation to treat everyone the same? 


And no!

Yes–we should treat everyone the same!  We should love them and put their needs above our own, actually considering them to be more important than ourselves.  Want a list of Scripture verses to prove these points?  Romans 12 is a great place to start!


No–we should not treat everyone the same!  I unashamedly love my wife more than any other woman in the world.  I love my children more than I love any other children on the planet.  My mother is the most important senior citizen to me on our continent.  Make sense?  Yes.  Fair? No.  I do not treat every person the same.  You wouldn’t want me to.  Hopefully I am treating everyone with love–the God-exalting, practical love described in the Word of God (passages like Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 13). 

Back to the character of God and how the person and works of God relates to Thanksgiving.  God is not fair!  How glad I am!  Rather than proving to be fair, God has showered me with undeserved gifts!  The list of blessings for which I am grateful this year is indeed long!  Isn’t your list long as well? 

Celebrate God’s faithfulness and ever-new mercies this week (Lam. 3:22, 23)! 

I close with Psalm 62:11,12–a passage  from my devotional reading this morning:

“One thing God has spoken, two things I have heard: that You, O God, are strong, and that You, O God, are loving.”


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