“Christmas” is a word I can say in school!

As we were talking with a family friend who teaches in a Hamilton County school, I inquired whether or not their school has a Christmas program.  Her response was, “We are not allowed to say ‘Christmas’ in our school!”  WOW!  Need any more proof that the United States is increasingly becoming hostile towards Christ and that which used to define us as a nation?!

Last night Rhea County Academy celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with our annual Christmas program!  Celena, our eldest, did a great job as one of the narrators.  TJ, our newly nine-year-old, nailed his wise man solo part.  Dayton joined his large K5 class in singing some traditional Christmas carols.  It was a great program!

As the program concluded last night, I mentioned to the audience that our wonderful students are blessed to attend a school where faith, learning, and patriotism are encouraged.  School as it ought to be.  Are you disheartened by the current atheistic and “politically correct” climate dominating our culture?  In a very real sense, we are losing our soul.  Praise God, however, for schools like Rhea County Academy throughout our nation, and for the committed home-schooling parents who do far more than prepare students to take standardized tests! 

“Christmas” is a word we should all say in school!


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