Tim Tebow and the Mother of Jesus

Got  your attention? 

Several days ago (scroll down below) I wrote about God doing the impossible.  That concept came to mind again when I read this quote from Denver QB Tim Tebow (courtesy of ESPN football brain John Clayton who mentioned a NY Times article):

“If you believe, unbelievable things can become possible.”

Munch on that for a moment.  Is it true, or is it simply another cliche uttered by a religious zealot?  I contend that Tebow’s statement is indeed true.  The birth of Jesus illustrates this clearly.  The angel Gabriel was sent to Mary, a young woman from Nazareth (1:26-38).  After announcing that God was going to do the impossible (1:31), Mary replied with faith (1:38). Then the Lord did as is His custom–He kept His promise!  Yet another prophecy was fulfilled!  An unbelievable thing became a possibility, then a reality. 

My guess is that Tebow’s statement is meant to convey the confidence the Broncos players had in one another.  They “believed” in each other.  As a result, they moved forward over the past six games as a unit, rather than as individual players.  Their record during that time was an astounding 6-0!  I write this as they prepare to play the point-accumulating New England Patriots.  It has been fun to watch Denver and Tebow win in the final minutes and seconds of their recent games.   I believe that ride will end this Sunday.  My hope, however, is that the believing will continue.  I know that my believing in the God of the impossible will endure!  With Christmas just weeks away, I rejoice that God rewards faith (Heb. 11:6). 

If you believe, unbelievable things can become possible–especially if your believing is connected to the one true God!


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