Gloria in Excelsis Deo

90 minutes.

90 minutes of TJ singing three Latin words–over and over and over and over….  Did I mention that I was attempting to sleep during the first sixty minutes of the broken record?  Yet–I simply could not bring myself to ask him to stop.  I could not quench his joy.  And–he sings good.  And–I love the meaning of the words:  Glory to  God in the highest!  God is all-glorious and God deserves all the glory! 

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people.  I am thankful for the many aspects which make this holiday unique:  carols, family and friends gathering, foods, gifts, great movies, lights, cute myths, trees, etc.  However, these are simply the outer layers of wrapping paper.  That which is worth celebrating is only that which is gloria in excelsis Deo!  In other words, a proper celebration today is one focused upon the person and works of Jesus Christ.  Christmas was originally meant to be a remembrance of His birthday!  I hope you have been able to do just that today!

I’ve got some happy children today.  Celena is coloring in a big book she received from her grandparents.  TJ is playing with some cool new legos.  Dayton is playing with a Wii game that was in my stocking.  Cascade passed out on the recliner.  Daddy and Mommy are fighting infections (Jodi is having much more success than I).  Everyone is looking forward the Packers-Bears game later tonight (that might be an exaggeration).  It’s been a great Christmas–even with an infection!  God has been very gracious.  He is all-glorious and He still deserves all the glory!

Now TJ is singing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”!


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