My Year in Review

Here’s a list of the possible top ten events from the past twelve months.

10. God’s kindness regarding my health (I did not miss a day of work)!

9.  A great vacation (apart from the tubing experience)!

8.  The Packers winning the Super Bowl!

7.  The conclusion of  the 2010-2011 school year, and an awesome Fall 2012 semester at RCA! 

6.  Our church!

5.  Friends–old and new (and Uncle Scott’s visit)!

4.  Four relatively happy and healthy children.

3.  A beautiful, faithful, godly, productive wife!

2.  A marriage which could not be better…became better!

1.  The blessings of God–His faithfulness, His grace, His presence!

Thanks for reading!  God has been good!  If you are one of my regulars, you’ve heard me say this before:  “God has not treated me as my sins deserve!”  I’m sure I missed something important on my list.  A year is a long time that flies by. 

Now–what are the top ten events from your year?  I’d love to know!

Have a great celebration tonight!  We “do it up” at our house, thanks to a tradition begun by my parents!  Today is all preparation for our party this evening!  If you hear a loud “Happy New Year!” when you are attempting to sleep, it will be my kids!


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