Religiousness doesn’t always translate into godliness

“To seek your presence earnestly, and I have found you” (Prov. 7:15).

We should earnestly seek God’s presence.  When we do so, we will surely “find” Him (1 Chr. 16:11; Ps. 27:8; Ps. 119:2; Heb. 11:6).

I need to make a confession.  I seriously yanked a verse out of context to make my point.  Proverbs 7:15 has absolutely nothing to do with seeking the face of God.  Rather they are the words of an adulterous woman who is seeking to seduce a young man.  Here’s the context:

“So she seizes him and kisses him And with a brazen face she says to him: ‘I was due to offer peace offerings; Today I have paid my vows. Therefore I have come out to meet you, To seek your presence earnestly, and I have found you” (7:13-15). 

In verse nineteen, she admits that her husband is away on a trip.  Without a doubt, this woman is evil.  However, she is also religious.  She mentioned peace offerings and vows.  In other words, she was able to go through the motions to ease her conscience before rushing into her sin.  Gross, isn’t it?!  Evil woman!

Religiousness doesn’t always translate into godliness.

Would you mind if we did a little self-examination  before we  navigate to another web page?  Most of you regularly participate in religious duties.  You pray.  You read the Bible.  You attend church–all important activities in your spiritual life.  But beware of thinking that you have earned enough credits to allow you to sin without consequences.  Have you ever heard the term antinomianism?  It literally means “against the law.”  It describes the understanding and practice of individuals who believe they have complete freedom to live any way they (i.e. their flesh) desire since God is gracious and Jesus paid for the penalty of their sins.  Honestly, I’ve never met someone who actually believes this is an acceptable method to live to the glory of God.  It’s ridiculous.  The words of the adulterous woman are ridiculous as well.  So is our behavior!  The way in which we rush to sin contradicts our confession.  Sometimes our actions and reactions cause others to doubt the sincerity of our commitment.  Sometimes I am caused to doubt the sincerity of my own commitment!  Other than Jesus, I have yet to meet someone perfect.  I have met mature believers–individuals whose lives consistently illustrate what the Apostle Paul called “the obedience of faith” (Rom. 16:26).  I want that consistency to be seen in my life as well!  I am thankful that God is indeed gracious, and I praise Jesus for dealing with the penalty of my sins.  Now I deeply desire to live to the glory of my triune God!  I want my religious duties to translate into godliness.

Are you with me?!

PS–Men, be on alert.  The adulteress is trying to present herself as legitimate. She is–in fact–a fake.  She never lives up to her promises.  Click to the next website with caution!


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