Reflections on the Quest: My God

The poem below was written after several days of meditating upon Psalm 115 and the works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  I apologize for the spacing.  I simply cannot figure out how to paste poetry into a Word Press blog. 

God, bountifully-creating God,

intelligently designing

His creation to perfection

commands with smallest words

a universe in grand complexion.

God, supernaturally-sustaining God,

mercifully holding

His possessions to redemption

bestows with triune wisdom

living gifts in rapid succession.

God, heavenly-sitting God,

sovereignly ruling

His galaxy to measure

dictates with loud decrees

for our great good and His great pleasure.

God, silently-speaking God,

imperceptibly moving

His will to perform

communicates with quiet nods

on days of sunshine, on days of storm.

 God, gracious-saving God,

lovingly calling

His sheep into the fold

speaks resurrection words

of eternal glories still untold.



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