400–A milestone on my way to my goal

This is my 400th blog entry!

Pretty exciting, eh?!  I began blogging via WordPress almost two years ago.  It has been a creative and writing outlet for me and–hopefully–a blessing to some of you.

If you regularly read my blog, you are aware that I am not ashamed of my faith.  When God radically transformed me, it was a permanent renewal which affected my heart and my mind.  That work of sovereign grace resulted in actions and reactions that look increasingly less like the old and more like the new me.  I am not what I once was.  I am not what I will be.  My plan is to continue “Striving For Reality.”  In other words, I remain committed to my personal pursuit of Christ, hoping that Christ be exalted in me as I–albeit slowly–look more like Him in my daily living.  I also plan to add to my blog on a regular basis.  This outlet has proved to be a blessing in that endeavor. 

Let me step back in time just for a moment.  Here’s my first ever entry (June 2, 2010):

“The reality [substance] belongs to Christ” (Col. 2:17). Striving For Reality was selected as the title for my first attempt at blogging because it describes the purpose of my life. I deeply desire to exalt Christ as I exult in Christ. It is my prayer that this blog will glorify my great God and help others grow closer to Him. Thanks for visiting.

Indeed, thanks for stopping by the blog.  I do not take your visits for granted.  It is my privilege to be able to encourage you with God’s Word.

400–A milestone on my way to my goal–the glory of God in me!  (Though entries 500 and 1,000 will be worth celebrating!)


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