Cheese curds and tornados

Have you ever eaten cheese curds?  Fresh cheese curds are an American delicacy!  I grew up in Wisconsin, eating small, yellow chunks of cheese which squeak as you bite through them.  This afternoon we drove forty-five minutes just to purchase several overpriced bags of cheese to experience the taste and sound sensation!

‘Twas good for the body and somewhat good for the soul.  They call it “Comfort Food.”

What is undoubtedly good for the soul, however, is a big view of a BIG GOD.

As you know, a band of severe weather moved in an easterly direction across our nation (US) on Friday.  When  the first storm was about to hit, a conversation ensued between my three-year-old and me.  Can I be honest with you?  Although the kid is cute as can be, she’s not much of a theologian.

You’ll never believe what she said to me in the van.

“God could get up in that tornado and punch it dead.”

See what I mean…hold on a second–that’s actually very good theology!  That’s a big view of a BIG GOD!  I wonder where she picked that up?  OK–I’ll admit it.  We are on a mission to instill biblical theology into the hearts and minds of our children.  Doesn’t the Bible command me to do so?  It does (see Dt. 6:4-9; Eph. 6:4)!

This why it is vital for me to know truth, why it is necessary for me to read the Bible and authors who bleed Bible.  One of those authors is Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758).

Have you ever read Edwards?  Several years ago, I devoted an entire year to the study of the life and writings of this second generation Puritan missionary, pastor and writer.  The fruit of that labor was a deeper understanding of God, God’s Word and God’s ways.

Many of the sermons that I read ministered to me.  Some I appreciated more than others.  One such sermon in entitled God’s Sovereignty in the Salvation of Men.  Allow me to share a couple quotes which give me comfort during tornado warnings and are more satisfying than cheese curds:

“God’s design in the creation was to glorify Himself, or to make a display of the essential glory of His nature.”

“The glory of God eminently appears in His absolute sovereignty over all creatures, great and small.”

“The infinite greatness of God and His exaltation above us appears in nothing more than in His sovereignty.”

“Let us therefore give God the glory of His sovereignty, adoring Him whose sovereign will orders all things, beholding ourselves as nothing in comparison with Him. Dominion and sovereignty require humble reverence and honor in the subject. The absolute, universal, and unlimited sovereignty of God requires that we should adore Him with all possible humility and reverence. It is impossible that we should go to excess in lowliness and reverence of that Being who may dispose of us to all eternity as He pleases.”

Now that is comfort food!  What is Edwards’ teaching?  I can sum it up with these words:

“God could get up in that tornado and punch it dead.”

He really could!  God was in complete control of the Friday storms.  Tonight finds me thankful for two individuals–Cascade and Edwards–who reminded me to trust Him.

I’m also thankful for the cheese curds.  Have one.  You really should try one!

PS–The quotes above from Edwards were taken from To All The Saints of God:  Addresses To The Church (Don Kistler, ed., Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 2003).


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