Peyton Manning–The Classy Colt

I just watched a portion of the press conference in which Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and future hall of fame QB Peyton Manning discussed the end of an era.  Peyton Manning is no longer a Colt.  My condolences to all of the Indianapolis fans.  The events reminded me somewhat of Brett Favre’s exit from Green Bay.  However, the particular way in which this situation was handled proved again that Manning is a “classy Colt.”  If you have a moment, watch this three minute clip from the press conference:

An emotional owner and his emotional former MVP quarterback.  There’s something you did not see in Green Bay.  Half of the Packer fans wanted to hang Brett Favre.  The remaining half wanted to thump the leadership in Green Bay.  The situation became ugly.  Bad blood still drips.

Today in Indianapolis friends parted company with dignity.  It was soothing to the soul to see.  I wish both sides wearing green and gold would have done the same.

I’ve always liked Peyton Manning.  Now I like him more.  My worst nightmare is that he will now do what Brett Favre did–play for the dreaded Minnesota Vikings.

Please–Peyton–any team but the Vikings!

And–Peyton–thanks for the memories!


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