Starbucks and Selflessness

I am turning forty-seven on Sunday–a truly insignificant year as far as birthdays go.  Yet I had to write about one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received.  Celena gave me a new Starbucks travel mug!

Isn’t that awesome?!  Perhaps the story of why this cup is significant will add light upon my gratitude and pride.

One day about two  months ago I asked Celena to carry several of my items to the pickup as we prepared to leave school for the day.  One of those articles was my favorite coffee cup.  When she arrived at the vehicle, she placed the cup on one of the steps behind the passenger side door so that she could free up her hand and open the door.  She proceeded to place everything in the truck–everything except my cup.  It remained on the step until we turned a sharp corner and it tumbled onto the shoulder, surely dented and scratched.  I had no desire to stop, turn around and look for the damaged cup laying in a roadkill-filled hole.

Dad:  Thinking:  “What was that?”  Saying:  “Celena, where’s my coffee cup?”

Celena:  “Oh no.  That was your coffee cup” (She recalls the conversation).

You will be somewhat glad to know that I didn’t completely lose my cool during the event.  I was disappointed, and I informed her that it was my favorite cup.  She cried for quite some time because she was the cause of my losing my favorite mug, even though I’d forgiven her and told her it was just an accident anyone could’ve done. This was a very encouraging sign to us since she has struggled deeply with self-centeredness throughout her young life.  However, what she did for my birthday was something that encouraged us even more.  Behind my back she insisted to her mother that she find and purchase a replacement cup. She didn’t care what the cost and was determined to get this for me. They found only one, and Celena gave $30 of her laptop funds to buy it. How considerate and selfless of her!

It’s rather easy to see why I am filled with gratitude and pride today.  I am grateful to God for the work He is doing in my daughter (we’ve seen several examples lately).  I am proud to be Celena’s father.

She immediately owned a mistake and did what she could to make things right.  I deeply desire for all of my children to consistently act this way!  Thanks, Celena, for setting such a good example!

PS–I decided to reward her selflessness by returning $20 to her savings.


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