Under Pressure

We purchased and installed a water pressure reducing valve today.  Actually, we overpaid for the part from a plumber and asked him to install it.  Thanks to God working through our hot water heater (which kept me awake several nights), we were informed by the gas company and confirmed through the water company yesterday that our water was entering the house at 140 psi.  That’s bad.  That much pressure causes water heaters to break and pipes to burst.  $218 later–and our problem is fixed.  We have a new water pressure reducing valve.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those valves on our lives?

Jodi has been sick for a week.  Her fever is down but maybe not gone.  Her cough remains as she continues to take antibiotics.  She’ll probably miss another day on Wednesday (part-time hourly equates to less money at the end of the month).  I’m sure hoping she turns the corner on this soon.  Thank you for praying.  We have appreciated the encouragement and prayers over the past week.

Today–Celena’s body shut down during P.E.  If she did not pass out, it was close.  She went limp and ended up at her doctor’s office.  He thinks it was dehydration.  I’m hoping he is correct and that she is not beginning to fight the bug Jodi has so graciously entertained for the past seven days.  Celena seems to be feeling better at this point.

When I confirmed with Jodi regarding the spelling of a particular word used above, Celena asked:  “Are you writing about our horrible day?”  I chuckled and then responded, “It wasn’t a horrible day.”  After she reminded me of the events, I stated,  “It could have been much worse.”

  • Celena doesn’t have a serious health problem.
  • Jodi might be on the mend.
  • $218 isn’t as bad as needing to purchase a new water heater or having to fix leaking, underground pipes.

It could have been much worse.

But it has been a challenging week.  Sometimes it would be nice if the trials were spaced out a bit more.  You understand.  You’ve had weeks like this.  Tough stuff.

In my fatigue, I am thankful tonight for the truth that God’s grace is sufficient.  I am grateful that my trials are not being wasted.  God is accomplishing His will in my life and in me.  I have joy because I can see the good in the bad, that which is redeeming in that which is rough.  With His help, we will survive this day.  May He be glorified in our suffering.


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