Passion Perspectives 2012: Good Friday’s Need and Provision

Dayton:  “Daddy, sinners aren’t really, really, really bad.”

Daddy:  “Oh, yes, they are, Dayton.”

Dayton:  “I said, ‘They aren’t;’ that means they are badder than bad.”

Again I ask:  Don’t you love hearing good theology coming out of the mouths of children?!

I sure do.  Dayton is correct.  We are worse that bad.  We are badder.  We’re conceived in sin, and we sinned as soon as we were able.  Before long, we became professional at sinning.

That’s why the events of this day in the life of Jesus are so significant.  Jesus’ death was anything but purposeless.  The death of Christ was, in fact, successful.  Simply put, Jesus accomplished His mission.  That success would allow Him to say, “It is finished” (Jn. 19:30).

When I was a student in seminary, one of my professors required us to purchase and read a 34-page booklet written by J.I. Packer.  It was entitled:  Introductory Essay:  An Introduction to John Owen’s The Death of Death in the Death of  Christ.  After reading the essay, I appreciated the professor’s requirement.  Packer had something worth saying.  Consider the following:

“Christ is a Redeemer who really does redeem” (p.7).

“Our minds have been conditioned to think of the Cross as a redemption which does less than redeem, and of Christ as a Savior who does less than save, and of God’s love as a weak affection which cannot keep anyone from hell without help, and of faith as the human help which God needs for this purpose” (p.18).

“Christ died to save a certain company of helpless sinners upon whom God had set His free saving love. Christ’s death ensured the calling and keeping the present and final salvations–of all whose sins He bore.  That is what Calvary meant, and means.  The Cross saved;  the Cross saves” (p.20).

I apologize for hitting you so hard with theology.  Well, maybe I don’t.  One important category of theology is Christology–The study of the words and works of Christ.  Can you think of another day more appropriate for me to nudge you to consider the work and words of Christ than Good Friday?  I think not.  As you manuever through this day, consider Christ on the cross.  Meditate upon His words.  Remember His victory.

We had a need.

He made provision.

Three words.

A lot said.

“It is finished.”


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