Summer Savoring–Jonathan Edwards’ sermons

I returned to the sermons of Jonathan Edwards this week for two purposes.  First, I was in search of some good quotes on prayer.  I found them, and will share some in Sunday School!  Second, I find that very few preachers challenge me to both love and live Christ like this man.  As you prepare to gather with God’s people this weekend, meditate on the following thoughts from an imperfect man who deeply treasured his perfect God.

“Let us attend to the Word of God, read and hear it carefully, consider it thoroughly, and daily walk by it” (The Warning of Scripture).

“God sometimes will bless weak means for producing astonishing effects” (God’s Sovereignty in the Salvation of Men).

“The redeemed are dependent on God’s power through every step of their redemption” (God Glorified in Man’s Dependence).

“You all have a large treasure of divine knowledge in that you have the Bible in your hands. Therefore do not be content with possessing but little of this treasure. God has spoken much to you in the Scriptures. Labor to understand as much of what He says as you can” (The Importance of a Thorough Knowledge of Truth).

“Our hearts are so full of sin that they are ready to betray us” (The Necessity of Self-Examination).

“Our enemies must be drowned in the all-sufficient Fountain and, as it were, in the sea of Christ’s blood, as the Egyptians were in the Red Sea; and then we may sing, as the children of Israel did in the day when they came up out of the land of Egypt. When sin is thus slain, then God is wont to open a door of hope, a door through which there flashes a sweet light out of heaven upon the soul. Then comfort arises, and then is there a new song in the mouth, even praise to God” (Hope and Comfort Usually Follow Repentance).

The quotes above were located in:  To All The Saints of God:  Addresses To The Church, Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 2003).


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