Raving Fan Review–Shoe Sensation, Dayton, TN

It is a rare day that I buy shoes for myself.  As a father of four on an extremely limited budget, I wear clothes and shoes until holes appear.  This weekend, though, the time came for me to look for a pair of tennis shoes; clearance, of course.  My first stop was Shoe Sensation, a small store here in Dayton.  As soon as I entered, the thirty-five-ish woman at the checkout kiosk welcomed me to the store and asked if she could help me  find what I was looking for.  When I informed her that I usually just buy items on clearance, she took me directly to that section and helped me search for shoes in my size.  Now that’s customer service!  Her attitude was especially noted in my mind as a result of what happened next.

Unable to find what I was looking for at Shoe Sensation, I walked several doors down to Hibbett Sports.  Three twenty-somethings were working near the cash register.  OK–“working” is too generous of a description.  The three were talking.  Did any of the three acknowledge my existence?  They did not.  Did they offer to help me?  Not a chance.  They kept right on chatting while I entered, looked around and left without purchasing a product.  They simply did not care.  I won’t be headed to Hibbett Sports  anytime soon.  Should the need arise, however, I will return to Shoe Sensation because they have sensational customer service–at least they did on Saturday!

Need a pair of shoes?  You might want to consider:


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