Keith Green–My Friend in Heaven

Today is the 30th anniversary of Keith Green’s passing.  You probably know the story of the airplane crash which took the lives of Keith, several of his, and another family.  It was a tragic day for the world.  I think, however, God choose to do more through the unexpected accident than any one of us could have ever imagined.  My story is only one of many.

Bruce Truss was a friend of mine while I was stationed in Northern Japan.  I’ll never forget the day he introduced me to the music of Keith Green.  It was a Sunday afternoon.  After church, we took our time eating at the base cafeteria.  Then Bruce insisted that I sit in his car and listen to a song.  I did.  I was hooked.  The song was The Sheep and the Goats.

Here’s a link:

So may of Keith’s song’s encouraged me as a young Christian to  grow in my love of God and my hatred of sin.  One song–in particular–was used of God to challenge me.  Make My Life a Prayer to You is an exhortation to wholeheartedly follow Christ.  If it has been a while, watch it now:

As we remember Keith today, join me in thanking God for a man who was radically changed by Christ and proved it by His faithful ministry.  I remain grateful for my friend in heaven.

I close with a link to Last Days Ministries, still led by Keith’s widow Melody:


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