“I’m thinkin’. I thinkin’.”

Several years ago I began a document entitled “I Think.”  Very few of my thoughts can accurately be described as “profound.”  But my mind rarely stops.  Sometimes I think too much.  You know what I  mean.  Well, for your reading pleasure, I will select a few of my written thoughts for your own musings.  Here’s the first installment:

9.  I think God is very gracious to allow me to continue to exist (2004).

32.  I think I often do not have a clue as to what God is going to do (2004).

48.  I think that is is vitally important that I pray for my children, talk to my children and live Christ before my children (2004).

68.  I think God plans and bring to pass everything in my life for His exaltation (2004).

155.  I think that I am not wasting my life (2005).

178.  I think Jonathan Edwards grasped the knoweledge of God in a way that, quite possibly, no one else–save the Apostle Paul–has (2005).

247.  I think that my faith should extinguish every doubt which arises–trusting that God both gives us desires and then takes pleasure in granting our desires that He might be most glorified in me as I am most satisfied in Him (2005).

263.  I think it is almost excruciating watching a President George W. Bush press conference (2005).

291.  I think I very much want to be a friend who would rather die than betray others (2006).

328.  I think God does not treat us as our sins deserve and that I should be thankful for the food, shelter and clothing He provides (2009).

364.  I think that Philippians 4:6 is a gift for me today (“Be anxious for nothing…”) (2009).

227.  I think you should stop reading my ramblings in order to read something far more edifying–something extremely valuable–the Word of God (2005).


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