Regaining the Wonder

I took the three youngest children to a local nursery that sells birds, reptiles and small animals.  They thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the creatures our Lord created.  But I was disappointed.  Their private road needs some serious work. The place itself is a dive.  The outside looks like a war zone.  The inside was filled with cobwebs and mold.

I wanted to leave as soon as I could.

The kids didn’t want to leave at all.

They were lost in wonder.

When does wonder leave?  Does life suck it out of us?  Is it replaced by cynicism?  Do we cease to marvel at mystery at the arrival of maturity? At some point in our journey, wonder transitions from a regular experience to an infrequent response.  I am thankful that I have children who are still in awe of reptiles and rodents.  I am also grateful that a time will come when I find myself regaining the wonder.

I am looking forward to heaven.

Jodi and I were talking about heaven on Saturday morning.  Words cannot express the depth of my yearning to be separated from my sin and united with my Savior.  I rejoice to remember that I will see Him just as He is (1 John 3:2).  My fuzzy, static-filled, black-and-white glimpse of Jesus from the Gospels will turn into clear, colorful, never-ending 4D experience of Him!

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche is attributed with this statement:  “In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.”  These, of course, are the words of a man who–some have said–eventually claimed to be Jesus Christ.

He lied.

There is only one Jesus Christ!  And He is in heaven!  And He is interesting!  That’s why His biographies still hold my attention.  That’s why I cannot teach my Gospels course from a disengaged perspective.  That’s why I desire to depart–for that is much better (Phil. 1:23)!

I long to be lost in wonder.

Perhaps wonder can truly only be regained in glory.


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