Six Days of Tired

A big yawn.

Another full day has come to a close.  Yet another work week has concluded.

As I continue to yawn, I remain grateful for the gift of the Lord’s Day.  I am hours away from a day in which I willingly choose to be unproductive–something very contrary to my nature.  I am a “worker bee.”  Over the past six days, I worked each day at my full-time job as well as a couple hours each night on my second job.

Another yawn.

Writer John Mason penned the following:

Blessed day of God, most calm, most bright,
The first and best of days;
The laborer’s rest, the saint’s delight,
A day of mirth and praise.

Without a doubt, I am delighting in the coming rest.  In the morning, I will gather with God’s people to meditate upon the Scriptures and encourage my friends to love God more and love sin less.  I trust that they will do the same for me. In the afternoon, I will watch football and drift in-and-out of consciousness.  My hope is that my physical and spiritual tanks will fill with the refreshment and rest slated on the “blessed day of God.”

The older I get the more I feel six days of tired.  The older I get the more I appreciate times of rest.

I hope you can rest as well.

One final yawn.

As you can see…I am headed to bed!


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