Remembering and Experiencing Truth

I watched a sermon this morning by Jerry Bridges (link below).  The fourth point in his exhortation to finish well as a Christian was the need to remember the sovereignty and love of God.  I have stated the same many times.  This weekend, however, I needed to hear it.  During this particular season of my life, it is quite easy to lose perspective.  I find myself giving in too quickly to negative thoughts.  Rather than “taking every thought captive” (2 Cor. 10:5), my flesh encourages me to question the Lord.  I don’t necessarily question God’s sovereignty.  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He is both sovereign and providentially active in my life.  My specific sin is questioning His love.  Bridges–using God’s Word–challenged me to remember truth.  God does indeed love me.  In fact, He has a passionate love for me–a love based upon a covenant He initiated and sealed with His own blood.  “Jesus loves me this I know; for the Bible tells me so.”

Today I am remembering truth.

But I am also experiencing truth.

My  eyes today are open to the gifts of God–His grace upon my life.


  • Rather than remain home to get some extra rest this morning, my wife went to church to fulfill her commitment to serve in the nursery.  I rejoice again that I have married a woman of integrity.  She is beautiful both on the inside and the outside!
  • Within ten seconds, I found a great sermon on finishing well (so thankful for the great stuff I can find on You Tube).
  • My son loved his little sister so much that he took all the cash that he had and bought her a new bike.
  • Wooden Apples from Dayton Mountain are awesome–especially Mutsus!
  • Bible Gateway–a wonderful resource I have used repeatedly (link below).
  • The Book of Romans continues to captivate me.  I love the  argument of Paul throughout the book and for how much the Apostle points to Jesus Christ–The Savior!
  • Even more–I am eternally grateful that the truths described in that rich epistle are applied to me!  I have been justified by God through Christ.  WOW!
  • The return of the NFL officials.  I just saw some great calls in the Atlanta-Carolina game.
  • I finally get to watch a Packer game on TV (sure hoping their offense starts to click…TOUCHDOWN!)
  • Today also finds me thankful that I have a job on Monday.  I’ve been unemployed.  I remain grateful that I am employed and that I work with hardworking individuals who care about others and desire to excel!
  • And–what beautiful weather we have had in TN (I finished cutting the grass today and hardly broke a sweat in the process)!

I will stop.  I could continue.

How long is your list today?  Have you taken the opportunity to remember truth today?  Have you spent time in God’s Word?  Second, do you have eyes to see God’s love today?  My eyes were only opened to see God’s love operating in my life today after I contemplated God’s Word.  As a result, my closing exhortation to you today is to open the Scriptures.  Perhaps these links can be useful in that process.


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