“Life is a road trip. Come on!” Seriously–Have you ever been on a road trip?

I heard an ad yesterday which stated, “Life is a road trip.  Come on!”

My response:  Seriously–Have you ever been on a road trip?

I have.  Road trips are fun, carefree experiences typically done without children.  Life is a lot of things.  Many metaphors could be used to describe life.  Road trip isn’t one of them.  It’s more of a move across country with a van full of tired children.

I know what you are thinking:  Those are the words of a pessimistic guy in the middle of his life striving to provide for his family and hoping not to mess things up too badly.

Guilty as charged.

“Life is pain” (said the Dread Pirate Roberts to the Princess).

I recently finished reading a book entitled God At Work.  It’s a book on vocations–callings of God upon our lives which require our dedicated efforts.  Gene Veith, the author, mentions the vocations of marriage, parenting, church involvement and citizenship among others.  One of the latter chapters in the book is “Bearing the Cross in Vocation.”  After admitting that faithfulness in vocations is difficult in our fallen world, Veith recommends prayer and faith.  Amidst the challenges of our callings, we are to seek the face of God.  Rather than relying upon our own strength, we are to “lean on the everlasting arms” of our omnipotent God.

What are your vocations?  Which of the following apply to you:  Christian, Spouse, Parent, Church member, Employee, Citizen?  I trust you agree with Veith–that all should be taken seriously.  I also trust that I do not need to convince you of your need of Christ in the process.  In order to have any hope of glorifying my God in the vocations named above, I need to be refueled by my God.  The final chapter in God At Work is entitled, “Resting in Vocations.”  Although Veith briefly mentions God’s gift of a day of rest from our labor (which only specifically relates to our work context), he particularly challenges us to find contentment where God has placed us.

Allow me to illustrate.

It is 3:22PM on Sunday afternoon (the time of this writing).  Blogging for me is rest.  Watching a sermon this morning was rest.  Attending church was rest.  I am choosing not to work on my full-time job and on the two classes I am currently teaching.  Believe me when I state that all three jobs are demanding my attention.  Once I begin the process–once I pick up the hammer–I won’t put it down for another six days.  So–I’ll wait a few more hours.  However, some of my vocations do not allow me to take one day off in seven.  I am always a Christian.  I do not take a break from being a husband or a father.  These callings are 24/7.  Thus–my need for God.

Life isn’t a road trip.  It’s a lifelong move with a final destination.  I don’t want to carelessly cruise around for the weekend, ending up where I began.  Rather, I want to make it safely to the Celestial City and hear, “Good servant!  Great work!” (Lk. 17:19; The Message).

Let’s be serious about our trip this week!


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