HELP! I have a teenager!

It has finally happened!  My firstborn has turned thirteen!

Happy Birthday, Celena! 

I am so encouraged to see the young woman God is in the process of creating.  I am grateful that you truly seem to prefer good over evil.  Your willingness to help your mother is worthy of praise.  The extent to which you assist your baby sister is invaluable to our family.  Your neatness is much-appreciated.  Without a doubt, I could go on.

Today finds me thankful for you–my firstborn–my first teenager!

Today also finds me hopeful.  My hope is quite simple.  My hope is that you will  increasingly look like your mother.  Please study her example.  You have been given a gift from God–a mother worthy of imitation.  Like your Mom, you already possess outward beauty.  Concentrate your efforts on cultivating inner beauty.  Many parents find themselves frustrated as their children become teenagers.  My challenge for you is to live in such a way that you both glory in Christ and glorify Christ.  As you do, your family–your most important ministry opportunity–will be greatly blessed.

Have a great day, Celena.  I look forward to celebrating YOU today and for the days to come!


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  1. Celena is such a gift. Wow. What I’d give for a daughter like her!!!

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