The First Thanksgiving: They survived and began to thrive

1621 – The first thanksgiving.  William Bradford and the settlers sat down with some of their Indian friends.  They had survived.  The future was beginning to look bright again.  They were thankful. Lizzy, a young member of the colony, recorded the event:

“To celebrate our first harvest our Governor,  Master Bradford, called for celebration.  Four  men went hunting wild fowl and brought back enough geese, ducks and other birds to last nearly a week! We ate, played at games, and the men practiced shooting their muskets. The Indians came amongst us as well, among them their greatest King Massasoit and more than 90 men! I was most frightened at first, but they stayed for three days and we entertained and feasted them. And they went out and brought us five deer. While they were here I even saw some of their children! One boy, father says he thinks that his name is Po-met-a-comet, threw a ball to me. Of course he could not speak English and I could not speak the Indian tongue.”

It was a memorable experience!

Lizzy concluded that she hoped the town would be “thriving” soon.  Her hope became a reality.  Their success opened the door for hundreds of years of immigration.  A melting pot of a nation was being created.  Today finds me thankful for God’s gracious hand upon my country and upon my life.

He has not treated me as my sins deserve.
He has not treated us as our sins deserve.

Have a great day of giving thanks.  To aid in your celebration, I share this link:



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