Advent Adventures: One confused robot

Advent%20blue_0Our three  youngest children participated in this morning’s Christmas program at New Union Baptist Church here in Dayton.  They did a great job!  The robot was especially entertaining.  However, one of his lines particularly grabbed my attention.  After learning some of the details surrounding the incarnation of God, he replied,

“Why is this information not in my database?” 

The captain of the USS Emmanuel answered,

“I guess you had bad programming.”

As another advent season begins, be assured that my children are not receiving “bad programming.”  We are continuing to teach them “the reason for the season.”  The FACTS related to God putting on human flesh have been written into their database from their birth.

They know something I did not know as a child:  Christmas is about Christ.

That understanding is the context for their acceptance of receiving only one gift from us and a limited number of gifts from others.  Christmas in our home is a joyful celebration of the greatest Gift Giver of all:  Jesus Christ!

Now lest you think we are modern-day examples of the Grinch, please know that Christmas is a lot of fun for our family.  We make memories together.  We play games.  We worship.  It is a time we look forward to every year. And when our bills arrive in January, we don’t have regrets about December–there are no debts from Christmas.

Our culture has made Christmas into Merry Materialism, but we are not buying!


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