Reflections on the Quest: “Melt my frozen heart”

“I will run in the way of Your commandments when You enlarge my heart!”  Psalm 119:32

“Though God has graciously given us, through Christ, a new heart with a ‘habitual and heavenly temper’ (quote from John Flavel’s Keeping the Heart), let us not forget that our hearts have not yet been completely made perfect. Often the long song we desire to play for our Savior is not a sweet, melodious sonnet, for the sin around us and, indeed, in us causes it to be off-key. Often we even fail to realize how bad we sound for many of the songs around us are hopelessly out of tune also. This is why we need to step aside by ourselves for a quiet reflective time of tuning (self-examination). Using God’s Word as our pitch fork, out of tune souls will be set again. Strings that have become loose (by neglect of Bible reading and prayer) need to be tightened. As conscientious musicians, we will avoid sinful circumstances that we know will cause our hearts to sound a sourer note. Fellow Christians, before we play another melody, let us ask God to train our ears to hear and to delight in His song–His will and His ways. And by the Holy Spirit enabling, may this orchestra of redeemed sinners play a fine tuned cantata with the sweet notes of holiness for the world and our Savior to hear” (Worthy is the Lamb, Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 2004 [the poem below is also found in this same text]).

Those are the insightful words of Maureen Bradley.  Consider now these words from poet Augustus Toplady:

For the Morning

My soul, canst thou no higher rise,
To meet thy God, than this?
Yet, Lord, accept my sacrifice,
Defective as it is.

Tune all my organs to Thy praise,
And psalmist’s muse impart;
And, with thy penetrating rays,
Oh, melt my frozen heart.

Give me Thyself, the only good,
And ever with me stay;
Whose faithful mercies are renewed
With each returning day.

Ah, guide me with a Father’s eye,
Nor from my soul depart;
But let the Daystar from on high
Illuminate my heart.

This day preserve me without sin,
Unspotted in Thy ways;
And hear me while I usher in
The welcome dawn with praise.

Far as the east from west remove
Each earthly vain desire,
And raise me on the wings of love,
Till I can mount no higher.


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