Advent Adventures: Misplaced Halos

I watched a video the other day which showed pictures as a song played about the meaning of Christmas.  One picture which caught my attention depicted three individuals each having a halo–Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

In reality, none of them were glowing that cool night in Bethlehem.

And–only One was holy.

Mary’s famous “Magnificat” in Luke, chapter one is truly amazing.  What is perhaps even more amazing are the doctrines taught by the Roman Catholic Church about Mary.  The popes, councils, and theologians have distanced themselves from the assertions of the humble bondslave of the Lord (Lk. 2:48).  Mary exalted the Lord (2:26) and rejoiced in her Savior (2:27) because He was doing great things for her (2:49)!  Though not the holy mother,  she was indeed the humble mother!  Her next words are telling:

“And holy is His name” (2:49).

You see, Mary wasn’t the one who was blessing.  She was the one being blessed (2:48)!

Isn’t that why Christmas is Christmas?  God the Father blessed us all by sending God the Son to save sinners like Joseph and Mary and Tim and…

This advent season, my soul exalts the Lord!  My spirit is rejoicing in God my Savior!

“Holy is His name!” 

I close with the words of a song with which Mary was familiar–Hannah’s hymn of praise.

“My heart exults in the Lord; My horn is exalted in the Lord, My mouth speaks boldly against my enemies, Because I rejoice in Your salvation. There is no one holy like the Lord, Indeed there is not one besides You, Nor is there any rock like our God” (1 Samuel 2:1-2).


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