Pressing into 2013


It took twelve months, but I finally did it.  I finished reading the three-volume Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge.  Without a doubt, it can be described as a “good book.”

Did you read a good book in 2012?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.  It may be a book I should read in the coming year.

How would you describe a “good book”?  What would be your definition?  A book that keeps your attention?  A volume which causes you to think deeply?  Any answer is appropriate.  Some books are good for our minds.  Others touch our souls.  On a rare occasion, we find a text which does both.  Surely that would be described as a good book!  Look for one to read in January!  That is my goal for the next twelve months–to read one book every four weeks.  That simply takes a little discipline.  Before children came along, I used to read over 40 books a year.  Twelve in 2013 would be a success.

That’s just one of my goals.  I also need to study and pass an exam for work.  Several other goals made my list.

What about you?

Have you thought about some things you want to accomplish over the next calendar year?  Is there any thing you want to do differently?  Any task you want finally to check off the list?  I love the opportunity to begin afresh.  In many respects, 2012 was a good year for me.  Yet–it was challenging enough that I rejoice in its conclusion.  January 1st provides me with another opportunity to start over.

As is my custom, I spent some time in the book of Philippians this weekend.  Paul’s desire to forget what was behind and press on toward what lay ahead serves to motivate me as each calendar year closes (Phil. 3:13).  Both my accomplishments as well as my failures are now only somewhat visible in the rearview mirror.  January is now straight ahead with all of its blessings and challenges.  Twelve months of opportunities.  Another year in which to glory in Christ and glorify Christ.

Are you excited yet?

Happy New Year!


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