A Milestone–Blog Entry 500

Another goal for 2012 has been accomplished!

I have reached 500!

Five hundred entries.  Three years.  That’s a lot of writing!  Some of you have been with me the entire journey.  Thank you!  Others of you joined us in 2012.  Welcome!  I hope each and every one of you has been encouraged.  It remains my hope that God might use this blog to edify His people.  For those of you new to Christianity, the word “edify” means “build up.”  I want to build others up in their faith in Christ to the end result that they glory in Jesus and glorify Jesus more and more.  As you may have guessed, I have an ulterior motive in my blogging.  Simply put–I have to write!  I have been a writer since I was old enough to do so.  As I boy, I wrote several science fiction stories.  I have written thousands of journal entries.  I’ve even penned an autobiography (an unfinished, rough draft, of course).  If anyone has been created to be communicative, I have!  I find writing helpful to my own soul.  Many people do, which explains the unparalleled popularity of Facebook as a social media outlet.  God made us to express ourselves.  Many of us do so with words.  I fall into that category.  In the process of my need to share on a regular basis, I deeply hope you are blessed.  As you know, I rarely stray from God’s Word.  Only occasionally do you read me commenting upon the political scene in Washington or around the world.  More often than not, you find me meditating upon God’s Word and my calling to live that out within the contexts in which God has placed me.  I do not expect that to change.  I doubt I will change much in the coming twelve months.  And so–as another January 1st arrives, you will surely find me sleeping off a late night, watching some football on the television and thinking about what to write for…

blog entry 501.


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