Packers Lose; I win

It was strange.

I turned off the TV before the game had officially concluded.  The 49ers had just gone up by three touchdowns.  The Packers were run out of the play-offs.  And I was happy?!

Before you think that I have completely lost it, please allow me to admit that I very much wanted the Packers’ season to continue!  I had really hoped to see them win another Super Bowl.  And you can bet that I was cheering as they scored all of their twenty-four points.  But the San Fransisco offense, led by a very talented young quarterback, was simply too good for the Packers’ defense.

And another year of rooting for my team had reached its conclusion.

I turned off the television and went to bed with my wife.  The kids were tucked in.  The house was quiet.  And I was happy.

“It’s only a game.”

That’s what I said to Jodi when I realized my unexpected contentment.

“It’s only a game.”  It doesn’t really matter.  My personal satisfaction does not spring from whether or not the teams I like win championships.  My joy is not located in entertainment.


Rarely do I notice my own spiritual growth.  I see maturity much quicker in others.  Yet I find myself rejoicing this weekend that “I am not as I have been” (From Much Ado About Nothing)! I am also thankful for the means of grace at my disposal, like the local church, prayer and the Word of God.  My plan as this  year continues is to use these–and other gifts of God–to grow in my love of Christ, not this world in which I temporarily reside.

PS–I do still really like the NFL.  What a great ending to the Atlanta-Seattle game!  Hopefully fans on both sides of the line can be joyous in Jesus today!


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