American Presidents’ Quiz–Part Two


One of the blog entries which continues to get hit repeatedly is entitled American Presidents’ Quiz.  In light of its popularity, I have decided to post another quiz.  Put your thinking hats on–here it comes!

1.  Which U.S. President witnessed his eleven-year-old son die in a train accident?

2.  Which U.S. President remained single?

3.  Who was the first Roman Catholic president in U.S. history?

4.  Where did George W. Bush go to college?
a.  University of Texas
b.  Yale
c.  Harvard
d.  Southern Methodist University

5.  Which future U.S. President served as the defense attorney for the British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre?

6.  Which of the following are assocaited with President Nixon?
a.  The New Deal
b.  Watergate
c.  Cuban Missile Crisis
d.  The Iran-Contra Affair

7.  Which U.S. President is buried in Abilene, KS?

8.  Which U.S. President rejected the idea that he be called “Your Highness.”

9.  Thomas Jefferson lived at:
a.  Mount Vernon
b.  Independence Hall
c.  Jefferson Estates
d.  Monticello

10.  Which U.S. President owned a plantation outside of Nashville, TN?


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