Living, dying, and grieving to the glory of God

I have never met Chris and Michelle.  But one day I will meet them. And when I do, I will thank them.  If you have a minute, read this copy of the email Michelle wrote  (FWD’d me by a friend on the mission field because I was praying).

To all of you all over the world who have been praying fervently for us through this time, this is Michelle.  I am letting you know that Chris is now whole, healed, and safely in the arms of his loving, gracious Savior.

Chris was actually pretty stable today, but has been having “tremors” or “seizures” over the last few days.  These were extremely painful for me to watch him endure.  Throughout these weeks, as we have had a knowledge of Chris’ brain being involved, I have been asking his Heavenly Father to heal Chris completely, make him whole, and not give him more than he could handle if there WERE outcomes that involved blindness, seizures, or brain damage of any kind.  Chris has always been VERY specific with me that QUALITY of life is a priority for him.  As his “tremors” increased this afternoon, they had to reduce the medicine he was getting for pain because it was causing his blood pressure to fall pretty rapidly.  It was at that time that I knew what God had so mercifully decided for my beloved.

Present at Chris’ bedside were me, my mom who had just arrived from California two nights previous, Dudley & Jan Pate, and a number of the nurses who had so faithfully and lovingly ministered to Chris.  We shared the most intimate, deep, immensely moving worship time that I have ever experienced.  We prayed over Chris, Dudley kept up a continuous prompting of beautiful hymns and songs that we sang together, Jan read passages from the Word about Heaven, and at different times, nurses would come in and pray with us, embrace me, and personally pray for me.  God freed me of my fear of death so that I could be at Chris’ side, embrace him, and assure him as he entered Heaven.  I sensed and incredible strength and peace.

I can testify that God has taken my BIGGEST fear, the ONE JOURNEY I had told God I was unwilling to take, and made beauty from the ashes.  In addition, the hardest thing I have EVER had to tell my kids was also like being on holy ground.  ALL of your prayers for us have been answered.  We will have hard days, we will miss Chris deeply.  He has been my best friend, my constant companion, and my PERFECT partner for more than half of my life.  However, he has left a legacy in his kids and they were already laughing about stories about Dad as we sat and talked about him being in Heaven.

My prayer is that you will also see CHRIST high and lifted up, glorified, sovereign, and GOOD as you have walked this journey with us.  Your prayers that Chris would be healed completely for wholeness and fullness of life have been answered.  We got to witness it happen before our eyes as the striving and tremors ceased and he calmly rested.

Please pray that the seeds that Chris has planted throughout his life will bear much fruit.  That God would be glorified among the NATIONS and through our family as we testify to His presence and goodness in the midst of our suffering.  Pray that Chris’ life – and Homecoming – would bring revival in Lesotho, the mountain kingdom that he has grown to love so much.  That they would know the ONE TRUE GOD, Sovereign over all spirits, the one who has known Chris from when he was knit together in his mother’s womb to this evening when he received his Heavenly reward.

Words cannot express my gratitude and the sense that God has already used Chris’ life to unite the Body of Christ for something powerful.  We covet your prayers for this next season of our lives.

FINALLY at peace,



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