Listening to the Latter Prophets

I taught a lesson this week on the Latter Prophets.  In the Jewish division of the Old Testament books, the Latter Prophets include Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the twelve Minor Prophets.  I spoke about key themes in the books and provided an introduction to a selection of the books.  And–as you might have expected–I made a point of pointing out that the prophets pointed to Christ!  Isaiah is a great example, perhaps the most Christo-centric of all the Old Testament books.  Here’s a sampling:

Chapter 6—The Exalted Christ
Chapter 9—The Incarnate Christ
Chapter 53—The Suffering Christ 
Chapter 55—The All-Sufficient Christ

We can only wonder what was going through Isaiah’s mind as he saw Jesus–the Holy, Holy, Holy Lord (Is. 6), predicted His coming in the flesh (Is. 9) and sufferings (Is. 53), and proclaimed that this coming Son of David is the only true source for genuine and permanent satisfaction (Is. 55).

I found the following on the Resurgence website (link below):

“Christ is your mediator, substitute, and righteousness. In that sense, Jesus is the true and better you too. He is the vine; you are a branch. And that is the sense in which we ought to see him behind and beneath and over the Old Testament stories. He is Abraham’s righteousness. He is David’s hope. He is Isaiah’s vision. He is present in their lives and actions not as a flat symbol or literary device; he is present in their lives as their salvation, and thus is their truer and better.”

The online article began with these words, “The Old Testament in chock-full of Jesus.”

Indeed!  That’s why my last slide in my power point this week was:

The value of the OT
It teaches us about God
It teaches us about us
It points us to Christ
The OT knows nothing about
Not worshiping God
Not believing Christ

Thank God today for the continuity of the Old and New Testaments.  66 Books.  One divine Author.  Many human writers.  One main character–Jesus Christ.  Our Lord.  Our Savior.


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