Anniversary Confusion and Contentment

Happy Anniversary!  Twenty-two great years!

Much of life is unexpected.  The journey is filled with obstacles.  The trip is a lot more difficult than any of us anticipated.  However, one experience has proven to be exactly as I envisioned.  Our marriage has been a piece of cake.  It’s been easy.  How rare of a story is that?!

Two have truly become one.

That unity isn’t the only mystery.  I am confused about a couple of other issues.  First, how is it possible for our friendship to be deeper today than it was in 1991?  You were my best friend that hot and humid day at New Union Baptist Church.  Now the term “best friend” seems trite as I apply it to you.  You are my bestest friend!  Second, how can it be that I love you more now than I did the moment you walked down the aisle with your father?  Yet I do!  My love for you is “immeasurable.”  I truly am head-over-heels in love with you as we both rapidly approach “midlife”!

How does this happen?

Surely this is a work of God.  But I also think another simple explanation presents itself.  Our friendship has deepened and our love has grown because  you are you.

You are a delightful person possessing a long list of positive attributes, strengths which continue to bless me, our children and others.  Jodi, I really like you.  I not only love you, but I genuinely like you.  God has been exceedingly kind to bless me with someone who completes me.  You are my perfect “other half.”

I am grateful today for God’s grace.  In you, He has given to me far more than I  deserved.  Thank you, Jesus.  And thank you, Jodi, for being you and for all you do!

To celebrate, let’s work outside all day!

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