American Presidents’ Quiz – Part Three


1. What does the “S” in Harry S. Truman stand for?
a.  Sherman
b. Nothing
c. Samuel
d. Everything

2.  Which of the following Presidents was the first born in a hospital?
a.  Ford
b.  Carter
c.  Reagan
d.  Lincoln

3.  Which President had the most children?
a.  Buchanan
b.  Nixon
c.  Polk
d.  Tyler

4.  T or F – President Ford was adopted.

5.  One of William Howard Taft’s nicknames was:
a.  Twelve-ton Taft
b.  Big Bill
c.  Tub Taft
d.  Tubby Taft

6.  The first child of a President to die in the White House was the son of:
a.  President John Quincy Adams
b.  President Abraham Lincoln
c.  President Woodrow Wilson
d.  President Lyndon Johnson

7.  This President was the first Boy Scout to become elected.
a.  Teddy Roosevelt
b.  John Kennedy
c.  Ronald Reagan
d.  George W. Bush

8.  What does bushusuru mean in Japanese?
a.  Public vomit
b.  A word incorrectly spoken by George W. Bush
c.  Becoming president because the previous president was very popular
d.  Declaring war without concrete evidence to justify the war

9.  How many Presidents were named James?
a.  Four
b.  Six
c.  Seven
d. Eight

10. If you were a servant at the While House during the Hoover Presidency, what would you do?
a.  Bow when entering the Oval Office
b.  Call President Hoover “Your Highness”
c.  Hide in a closet if you heard the President was headed your way
d.  Join the President each Friday evening for an informal supper

Rather than ask you to head over to the Quick Takes page on the blog for the answers, I decided to share the link where I found my information for this quiz (see below).  I’d be curious as to how well you did.  Did you also find and take the previous quizzes I posted on the blog?  You can look for them in the search box in the right.  Type in American Presidents’ Quiz.  Have fun learning some American History.

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