Chillin’ Out on the Lord’s Day – God’s Purpose in the Sabbath

It’s been a good day; a day–I think–envisioned by God when He instituted the Sabbath.

I slept in.  I watched a sermon.  I took my family to church.  I watched a movie.  I hung out with Jodi.  I swam with the kids.  I read some in a commentary on Philippians.  I watched golf.  I meditated upon God’s grace.

I relaxed.  I rested.

Life was good.

Isn’t that why the LORD wanted us to pause every one day in seven?  As far as it is possible, He desires for us to cease from our efforts.  His plan was–and remains–that we recharge our batteries.

But don’t you think it is easier to engage in such recharging when your basic necessities are provided?  Food, shelter and clothing are mine in abundance.  In fact, I have never lacked any of these needed commodities.  God has been exceedingly kind to me.  He has not treated me as my many sins deserve.

I am blessed.

One of my favorite movies is White Christmas.  That’s where I first heard the song about blessings that Bing Crosby’s character sang to Betty (portrayed by Rosemary Clooney).  You probably know it well.

“When you’re tired and you can’t sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.”

In other words, they are too numerous to count.

A couple of nights ago, I sat the kids down for the purpose of trying to illustrate why I should be so thankful.  When considering physical blessings alone such as clean water to drink, nutritious food to eat and a safe place to live, I estimated that I am better off than over 1.2 billion people.  Think about that number.  1.2 billion.  That’s a lot of people.  Then I reminded the children of the spiritual blessings I have in Christ.  I am an adopted child of Jehovah–a brother to Jesus Christ–in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit.  I have abundant life now and eternal life all because of the person and works of Christ.  Billions remain in darkness.  But I can see the glory of God shining forth in the face of Christ.

I am blessed.

The older I become, the more I understand that perspective is a gift.  As a result, I find myself more joyful now than I used to be; more content that I once was.

And that made the potential of rest into the reality that I experienced today.

Thank you, God.


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