Vacation Bullets

My thoughts as our vacation comes to a close and we prepare to return to Tennessee.

  • Long trips in a vehicle are longer for kids than for parents (“Are we there…?”).
  • My joy was made complete as my children were OVERjoyed as they saw the condo and the ocean.
  • So thankful that I insisted on a unit on the beach with a balcony overlooking the Gulf.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Lambert’s Café and even caught some of the rolls!
  • Our kids love the ocean; the shells, the sounds, the waves; their parents like it too.
  • Smurfs 2 was a great movie FOR KIDS.
  • Jellyfish offend without realizing it; a good object lesson for humans.
  • Celena is to jellyfish what a flytrap is to flies.
  • We should carefully navigate the waters of the ocean as well as waters of life.
  • A good pizza after an afternoon at the beach is one of life’s simple blessings.
  • Sipping coffee, studying the Bible, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico – Can’t get much better.
  • TJ might want to reconsider sitting in the water (you should have seen his bite/sting/reaction)!
  • Frozen custard beats ice cream any day of the week–especially on Wednesdays!
  • Nothing compares to seeing your five-year-old get crushed by a wave and respond with “Awesome!”
  • It has become impossible for us to finish a Phase 10 game (we haven’t done so in years).
  • Successful seashell hunting on the beach while watching the Blue Angels fly overhead–nice, very nice.
  • A local seafood restaurant on our last night at the beach!
  • Perfect Moment:  Full, yellow moon on my left, fireworks over the beach on my right, waves hitting the shore to my front, kids laughing as they chase and catch sand crabs behind me.
  • Sunrise with my bride on the balcony–a good way to start a long day.
  • But sleeping in on vacation was a pipe dream.
  • This has been the best vacation we have taken as a family.
  • Grateful for God’s many blessings, including the “real world” we are about to re-enter.
  • And this blog entry is complete.  Packing the laptop.  Headed back home.

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