Can’t Complain

At the end of this calendar year, I pause this week to thank God for all of His gifts in 2013.  My list is quite long!  Here’s a sample:

  • Salvation–A gift I could not earn and can never lose
  • A faithful, loving, productive wife who remains my best friend
  • Four relatively happy and healthy children
  • Full-time employment at a job I enjoy with a boss I respect
  • The opportunity to teach God’s Word on several college campuses
  • Results that my heart is healthy
  • The opportunity to see one of my mentors suffer with authenticity and great trust
  • The news that another baby is on the way
  • Perhaps the best vacation of my life
  • Reconnecting with “old friends” and a “new” church

I’ll stop at ten.  As you can easily see, God has not treated me as my sins deserve.  He has been exceedingly gracious to me.  In so many ways, it has been a great year.  But it hasn’t been a year void of difficulties.  My health issues were–at times–a bit scary.  My mom passed away.  We’ve struggled to make ends meet each month.  Parenting continued to have its challenges.  Yet through it all God has been present and dispensing His “amazing grace.”  I bet many of you can relate.  Let’s ensure that we actually thank God for all He has done for His glory and our good.  Perhaps taking Him for granted is one of the greatest sins we can commit.

I hope you have an incredible 2014.  I look forward with great anticipation to holding my fifth child in less than four months!  I am excited to see what else my Lord has planned for me and for my family.  My hope is that He will be exalted through it all!

Blessings to you all!


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