Happy Birthday, Cady!


Our baby girl is one week old today!

Born: March 31, 2014
Weight:  7 lbs.
Length:  20.5 in.
Hair Color:  Blonde

Name:  Cadence Peace

Significance:  Cadence is named after “our missionaries” – Ray and Char Hauser.  It would be our great joy if our beautiful, little daughter walked to the same cadence–the rhythm of faith and fruit.  Our hope and prayer is that she both know and show the Lord Jesus Christ.  Ray and Char were instrumental during my rocky days as a young Christian in northern Japan.  I needed teaching and I needed examples.  The Hausers provided both.  They instructed me in how to grow as a Christian and illustrated what loving and living Christ looks like.  Ray recently passed away from cancer.  Char is continuing to minister to the military community in Hawaii.  Due to Ray’s illness, they were the first to know of our name selection.

Her middle name is Peace.  First, we had peace from God that we did not need to prevent a fifth pregnancy.  Although we were a bit surprised to find out Jodi was pregnant after a five-year hiatus, we were not disappointed!  In fact, we were excited!  We could not wait to hold  another baby and watch how her personality developed.  Secondly, we had peace that this fifth baby would also be our final one.  Had we started earlier and were younger than we are, we’d seriously consider having more of our own children.  However, next year I turn fifty, and this pregnancy and delivery was a challenging one for Jodi.  Our decision is clear:  If we want to add another arrow to  this crowded quiver, it will be through adoption.  And–as crazy as it sounds–that’s not completely out-of-the-question.

Update:  It has been an eventful week; a tiring week.  Cady was born on Monday night.  Once again, my amazing wife was able to deliver without an epidural, and God caused her body to do what He manufactured it to do moments before a C-section would have been required.  It was crazy!  We’ve enjoyed having another baby among us. The other kids love holding Cadence.  Since it does indeed “take village” to raise a child, we’ll work together to help our little one navigate the waters of life in our home.

Prayer Request:  Do you see the photo above?  That’s my hand.  I am holding Cady.  She wasn’t too heavy, but the responsibility is.  Being an engaged parent isn’t an easy task.  Please pray for us.  Pray that we will do what is necessary to raise our precious daughter “in the fear and admonition of the Lord.”  Pray we don’t mess it up too much!  Thanks!


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